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Dividend stock bargain #4: A retail giant getting no respect

The market’s run-up since the middle of last year has been no friend to bargain hunters, with most stocks now trading at or above full valuations. However, some high-quality “blue chip” dividend paying stocks have lagged and remain reasonably valued. One of the current standouts in this regard showing up in my valuation spreadsheet is […]

Dividend stock bargain #3: An oil & gas giant at almost half price

So far in this series of posts on dividend stocks that are currently trading at “bargain” prices I’ve highlighted a high-yielding utility stock and a top drugstore chain with a fast-growing dividend. In this post I look at the world’s largest publicly owned integrated oil company, which is of course Exxon Mobil [[XOM]], a five-star […]

Dividend stock bargain #2: A top drugstore chain at a discount

In my last post I highlighted a utility stock that was trading 60% below its 2008 highs and paying an over 6% dividend yield. In this post I look at something completely different – the much lower yielding, but much faster-growing dividend stock of Walgreen Co. [[WAG]], the largest drugstore chain in the United States: […]

Dividend stock bargain: A high-yielding utility stock on sale

Until recently, finding undervalued dividend stocks in this market has been a real challenge.  While there were plenty of dividend stock bargains to be found during the market lows in March 2009 – when no one wanted to buy them – the market’s spectacular run-up since then not only “corrected” that situation, but pushed valuations […]

Three stocks with affordable 4% dividends

A recent article at SmartMoney focuses on 3 Stocks With Affordable 4% Yields. By “affordable” the article is referring to the companies’ abilities to pay their dividends while still having enough cash to pay for other expenses and investments – a sign that the dividends are likely to be safe. The stocks – which include […]