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Dividend income fund manager’s 6 favorite dividend stocks

In an interview in Barron’s this week, Judith Saryan, a co-manager of the Eaton Vance Dividend Income Fund [[EDIAX]] offered a half dozen of her favorite dividend stocks (see below), based on the cash on their balance sheets, cash flow, and the amount and maturity of debt they had coming due. Here’s my quick take […]

Eight more companies that just raised their dividends

Ironically, in the current market environment where dividend cuts are announced daily, there are probably more articles than ever being written reminding investors that some companies are still raising their dividends. One such recent article, at Rising Dividend Investing, offers a list of eight companies that have hiked their dividends. Here’s my quick take on […]

3M Company: Dividend superstar almost a buy

While surveying the investing landscape for worthwhile dividend investments I seem to keep running across certain names more than others. One of those is the 3M Company [[MMM]] – a self-described diversified technology company with businesses in everything from materials and manufacturing to electronics and health care. But, most important to me, it has one […]

High dividends + insider buying = opportunity

When I hear about stocks with 9%+ dividend yields that are being bought by corporate insiders I pay attention. In this case it’s not stocks but Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) (which pay distributions – not dividends) that are the subject of a short (2:56) interview (see below) with insider expert Jonathan Moreland, author of the […]