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Dividend stock bargain: A high-yielding utility stock on sale

Until recently, finding undervalued dividend stocks in this market has been a real challenge.  While there were plenty of dividend stock bargains to be found during the market lows in March 2009 – when no one wanted to buy them – the market’s spectacular run-up since then not only “corrected” that situation, but pushed valuations […]

10 Ben Graham dividend stocks for the enterprising investor

A recent post at ModernGraham – a site devoted to the study of the security analysis methods of value investing pioneer Benjamin Graham – highlights “10 Dividend Companies for the Enterprising Investor”. These are the top 10 dividend stocks in the site’s database with the highest dividend yield that are considered suitable for “enterprising” – […]

3 high yielding electric utility stocks

Top yielding electric utility stocks are the subject of a post today at Stockerblog. Three utility stocks in particular are mentioned – none of which, unfortunately, are going to make it on to my active watchlist. Here’s my quick take on the three utility stocks mentioned (the stars represent’s star ranking system – three […]

REIT preferreds: 3 high-yield dividend plays you can’t ignore

If you’re searching for yield, preferred stocks of real estate investment trusts (REITs) are worth a look here says Kiplinger’s Personal Finance in its April issue. According to the article on REIT preferreds, the 9%-12% yields on the preferred stock of some of the sector’s stronger players are too tempting to ignore. Preferred shares of […]

5 utility stocks with dependable dividends

When it comes to dependable dividends, utility stocks are often the first investments that come to mind – but even those haven’t been a safe haven lately. But a just-posted article by Bullish Bankers sifts through the sector to find five utility stocks with dividends you can count on. Here’s my quick take on the […]