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Grantham: High-quality stocks still relatively cheap

It’s always interesting to read Jeremy Grantham’s latest thoughts on the market. In his just published Q4 2009 letter (embedded below) he reiterates his view that the market, as represented by the S&P 500, is worth only 850 and that any advance from current levels will make it “seriously overpriced.” Still, he says, the high-quality […]

Shiller, Grantham: “Market is overvalued (again)”

Two astute market observers – Robert Shiller and Jeremy Grantham – recently weighed in with their take on the market after its 60% run-up from the March lows and came to the same conclusion: it’s once again overvalued. Not massively, mind you, but enough to cause concern. While neither is predicting another crash – at […]

Three long-term Elliott Wave scenarios for the S&P 500

With the recent market run up – and with bargain dividend stocks becoming increasingly harder to find – I thought I’d step back for a moment and take a look at the “big picture” – in this case, some possible long-term market scenarios based loosely on Elliott Wave theory. I know I promised in this […]

Why money managers are hazardous to your financial health

A recent “debate” (see video below) between CNBC’s Joe Kernen and money manager Robert Pavlik shows why listening to most money managers can be hazardous to your financial health. Pavlik (along with almost every other money manager Kernen had questioned earlier this year) had not been willing to step up to the plate when the […]

Tobin’s Q weighs in on market’s value

I’ve mentioned Shiller’s PE10 stock market valuation model in previous posts and how it had recently fallen to levels that historically have coincided with attractive long-term buying opportunities. Now another valuation model – Tobin’s Q – offers another take on the market’s current valuation. Tobin’s Q is calculated as the combined market value of all […]