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Dividend stock bargain #4: A retail giant getting no respect

The market’s run-up since the middle of last year has been no friend to bargain hunters, with most stocks now trading at or above full valuations. However, some high-quality “blue chip” dividend paying stocks have lagged and remain reasonably valued. One of the current standouts in this regard showing up in my valuation spreadsheet is […]

Dividend stock bargain #3: An oil & gas giant at almost half price

So far in this series of posts on dividend stocks that are currently trading at “bargain” prices I’ve highlighted a high-yielding utility stock and a top drugstore chain with a fast-growing dividend. In this post I look at the world’s largest publicly owned integrated oil company, which is of course Exxon Mobil [[XOM]], a five-star […]

Dividend stock bargain #2: A top drugstore chain at a discount

In my last post I highlighted a utility stock that was trading 60% below its 2008 highs and paying an over 6% dividend yield. In this post I look at something completely different – the much lower yielding, but much faster-growing dividend stock of Walgreen Co. [[WAG]], the largest drugstore chain in the United States: […]

Three stocks with affordable 4% dividends

A recent article at SmartMoney focuses on 3 Stocks With Affordable 4% Yields. By “affordable” the article is referring to the companies’ abilities to pay their dividends while still having enough cash to pay for other expenses and investments – a sign that the dividends are likely to be safe. The stocks – which include […]

Grantham: High-quality stocks still relatively cheap

It’s always interesting to read Jeremy Grantham’s latest thoughts on the market. In his just published Q4 2009 letter (embedded below) he reiterates his view that the market, as represented by the S&P 500, is worth only 850 and that any advance from current levels will make it “seriously overpriced.” Still, he says, the high-quality […]