10 stocks whose dividends have gone up 50+ years in a row

A list of 10 dividend stocks with 50+ years of consecutive increases has been compiled by Dividends Value. It includes such recognizable names as Procter & Gamble [[PG]] and 3M [[MMM]], as well as some that are less familiar like Dover Corp. [[DOV]] and Parker-Hannifin Corp. [[PH]].

All the companies on the list have achieved an impressive track record, and certainly seem worthy of consideration as possible dividend investments. While the list is dominated by companies in the industrial sector, several utilities are included as well, although recent dividend growth rates in these stocks are only in the low single digits.

A list such as this begs the question, “Which of today’s companies will be able to claim a similar track record over the next 50 years?” Maybe such future dividend superstars will arise from sectors like technology, healthcare and/or energy – Microsoft [[MSFT]], Johnson & Johnson [[JNJ]] and Exxon [[XOM]] anyone?

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